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Level up your lending

Configure and leverage the BancX platform to future proof your lending business, reducing risk, controlling cost and allowing you to focus on the next phase of your growth.


Set your business up for the future

Modernise your operation with the BancX LMS and LMO offering. Introduce automation in an easy-to-use interface which will delight users and customers. Generate data to drive better decision making.

Get your risk landscape under control

Streamline risk management using the BancX platform to reduce fraud, improve KYC and credit decisioning within software-driven rules. All with our cloud based, secure system where data loss is no longer a meaningful threat.

Reduce capital requirements

We provide the technology and skill from implementation through to after sales support. This shift in focus is far more cost effective and allows you to focus on growth.

Grow faster

Our platform is cloud based and fully scalable. As you grow, we’re geared to grow with you. Whether its higher volumes, additional functionality, new geographies or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Who benefits most?


While our platform has almost endless possibilities, we’re a great fit for these industries...

Lenders who:

  • Need to modernize much faster

  • Are ready to replace their lending management system

  • Have unique use cases and need a customizable platform

Fintechs who are launching innovative products and need an agile, developer-friendly SaaS partner

Retailers and other businesses who want to embed lending services products into their existing ecosystems

Why choose BancX?


Our microservices can be grouped in a huge variety of ways – with each other and seamlessly with other systems. Meet your unique business requirements with ease.

Leading technology

BancX is a true API-first, cloud-based, microservices architecture, overcoming many limitations of legacy software architecture. Embrace lean, agile and continuous integration and deployment practices.


Limit upfront Capex, reduce ongoing maintenance, integration and staffing costs. BancX allows you to pilot, launch and scale cost-effectively.


The functionally rich, pre-integrated services in our platform allow you to build, configure and launch in record time. Build your own front end or choose one of our fast-start solutions.

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