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Embed financial services in your app, platform or ecosystem


The BancX platform is an API-driven catalyst for integrating financial services to allow your customers to store value, initiate payments, earn interest and spend on a branded card.


BancX provides the infrastructure to build on.

Think of our platform as the roads, highways, and bridges that allow you to create unique customer journeys. 


Create accounts, verify ID, KYC checks, sanction screening and credit checks.

Store value

Allow your users to store value in an account or wallet, either inside or outside your ecosystem.

Issue branded cards

Personalise every interaction with your brand and give customers cards to spend money or points.

BancX and Access Bank.

Build your business with established partners. Our partnership and integration with Access Bank covers every aspect of the banking journey, including licensing, regulation, technology, and scalability.

This relationship means that it's easy to get started and scale with the BX Platform. Use our API's to build your own front-end and user journeys or choose one of our fast starts to use as a basis for customisation. 


User-centred, context specific


Focus on delivering the right experience with the right offers at the right time. BancX makes it easy to create and iterate products. Get to market faster than before with much lower costs.


As the consumer landscape evolves and competitors embed financial services there is a gold rush taking place. Businesses have no choice but to participate if they are to survive.


Lending Engine

BancX comes with an out-the-box standard Loan Origination System (LOS) and Loan Management System (LMS).


Alongside a range of preconfigured lending APIs for an immediately usable application. Coupled with an extensible UI layer developed in Angular, a fast-start in the Lending Service is a reality. The UI targets an in-branch model as well as customer self-servicing across loan product origination and servicing.

BancX’s term lending calculator can model a vast array of term lending configurations, ranging from simple microloans to personal loans to mortgages and even to complex structured finance products.

It comes standard with configuration for personal loans and variant capability to the product configuration (fees, interest, revenue allocation models).


Transactional & Savings Banking Engine

BancX comes pre-configured with an out-of-the-box standard transactional and savings front-end for an immediately usable application.

Our savings and transactional accounts API’s provide additional power for flexible configuration.

The Transactional & Savings Banking Engine has an extensible UI layer developed in Angular that allows for a fast-start in Savings and Transactional Services on-boarding, origination, and servicing.


Product Creation

The BancX platform is specifically designed to adapt, configure and launch products that create credit, accept or transact in deposits and/or withdrawals, and provide payment services or complementary products in the financial services sector.


Multiple Integrated Service Capabilities

BancX comes standard with a comprehensive range of pre-integrated service capabilities.


BancX UI Capabilities

BancX supports multiple channels, including back office, tablets and mobile phones, as well as internet. Using Angular with Ionic allows for complete integration of phone and tablet capabilities for both Android and IOS.


Workflow Capabilities


A modern process management engine drives the workflow service.


It supports the trio of Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN), case model and management notation (CMMN), decision management, and model notation (DMN).
Workflow capability in the platform provides the ability to customise flows for different products, business and operating models to suit the particular needs of customers in differentiating their service offering.



BancX has an open platform-based approach and architecture.


Via our microservice architecture and API’s bancX opens up access for internal bank teams or developer partners. This provides customers with more banking options and increased revenue by allowing development to occur in an agile, fast, and secure manner.

The true value of BancX lies not simply in its technology and functionality but what its architecture enables.

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