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Dreaming of a new

banking future?​

The bancX Cloud Platform delivers it – engineered to the core for the next-generation digital banking experience.


The Experiential Banking Platform


bancX offers unrivalled flexibility, power, context, time-to-market, and affordability in building and launching new-age, experiential Banking services to win in the digital-first economy

Experiential banking is being fuelled by the continued, symbiotic evolution of technology and consumer expectations:

  • Consumers want to interact anywhere at any time.

  • They want to do truly new things in ways that create value for them.

  • They expect all interactions to be easy.




The Financial Services ‘arms-race’ requires flexibility to rapidly adapt to market changes and compete with Fintechs and Digital Banks.

The Financial Services ‘arms-race’ requires flexibility to rapidly adapt to market changes and compete with Fintechs and Digital Banks.

BancX is a true API-first, cloud-based, microservices architecture, overcoming many of the limitations of legacy banking monolithic architectures.

A microservices architecture allows for ease of modification of a domain, say fixed-term lending or transactional accounts, without impacting other domains, allowing each of these domains to evolve independently. Services may also extend to external service providers.


Experiential banking services requires power!


BancX is full-featured offering web, mobile web, native front-end, branch support and core banking services. BancX is turnkey, unlike competitive offerings which require lengthy/complex integration into 3rd party core banking or front-end services.


BancX offers the power of 30 supporting services, and the list is growing!


Customer Journey Management

Experiential Banking requires context - saying the right thing, to the right customer, at the right time - to understand and manage the Customer Journey.

The bancX event sourced microservice architecture keeps an event log, the definitive audit log of state changes.


This event log is the key to managing and orchestrating highly personalised, context-driven customer journeys, at the heart of Experiential Banking.


With bancX there is no need for a core banking replacement project.

RESTful API’s provide for rapid integration of both UI’s as well as 3rd Party and legacy systems. Coupled with our Sandpit environment, domain expertise and depth of Professional Services this all translates into one thing…


Accelerated Time-to-Market!




For newcomer Digital Banks and Fintechs low cost is a fundamental to the business model.

Similarly incumbent Banks want to transition to next-generation digital banking on an architecture that allows them to compete on price.

BancX is positioned to be competitively priced with a low-cost set-up and operating model.

The bancX Marketplace allows you to source best of breed partner solutions further reducing your operating costs. In addition, bancX offers an outsourced operating model option.

Take the 1st step to Experiential Banking


To learn more about our platform simply click to schedule a demo with one of our experts:

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