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A FinTech platform helping companies and banks on the embedded finance and BaaS journey.

By offering flexibility, power, context, speed-to-market, and affordability, BancX is redefining digital banking and financial services and enabling customers to win in the digital-first economy.

Customer Success


Partnering with BancX enabled Float to build a next-gen, market-first Fintech platform, with beautiful product design and user experience at its core.

By fulfilling our requirements for a flexible, cutting-edge core banking and payments system, BancX helped to radically accelerate our time to market and significantly decreased our capex outlay.”

Alex Forsyth-Thompson
Founder - Float

We're now a registered Third Party Payment Provider (TPPP). This marks a significant milestone in the BancX banking as a service (BaaS) journey!

Disruption in financial services has just begun.


Technology and consumer expectations continue to evolve:


Gone are the days of branches and office hours

I Can

New combinations and subsets of functionality are breaking down financial services monoliths

For Me

Users will actively maximise value and demand control of their data


Customer-centricity is now truly at the centre of the offering




The financial services arms race requires flexibility to adapt rapidly and earn the right to compete.

BancX is a true API-first, cloud-based, micro-services architecture, overcoming many of the limitations of legacy banking architecture.

Restful API allows rapid, easy modification across multiple components with minimal or no impact on adjacent services. Products and their features can now be launched and evolved without reliance on any other component's lifecycle.


Evolving banking services require power.


Configure and leverage APIs and microservices across the banking value chain, starting at customer onboarding through account opening, product selection, contracting, credit and product factory (approval, collateral, etc...), account servicing, and soft collections. 


Augment the value chain through our marketplace, offering best-of-breed 3rd party specialists that are already baked into the platform.

Event streaming allows real-time access to a deep data stream, that can power machine learning and AI to deliver value to consumers and revenue to companies. Say goodbye to siloed data from multiple systems.


Customer Journey Management

Context is crucial - saying that right thing, to the right customer, at the right time - is the key to understanding and managing the Customer Journey.

The BancX event-sourced micro-service architecture keeps a definitive event log, that captures all state changes. This unique event log enables highly personalised, context-driven customer journeys.


With BancX, there is no need to replace your core banking engine.


Traditional systems constrain how products are delivered. BancX allows you, through almost 1000 APIs, to orchestrate the right experience at the right time in the customer journey. Build your own or chose one of our fast-start solutions. 


BancX offers pre-built, integrated, fully tested functionality across the value chain, accelerating speed-to-market.



For newcomer digital banks, fintechs, and retailers wanting to offer financial services, low cost is fundamental to the business model.


Leverage the power of a big banking system and the agility of a fintech without the capital and time requirements. BancX allows you to pilot, launch and scale cost-effectively.

Whether you are an existing or new digital bank, fintech, or retailer wanting to offer financial services, Bancx can be sized and configured appropriately.

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